Taking responsibility for mental health

To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 (13 – 19 May), we are teaming up with Simplyhealth to bring you our webinar – ‘Don’t just tick the box: Be mindful’ – on at 11am on Thursday 16 May.

Drawing upon Simplyhealth Sticky Notes feedback from delegates at the COVER Mental Health Forum, our focus will be: ‘Taking responsibility for mental health’.

An overarching theme at the Forum was that too many employers are taking a ‘tick-box’ approach to mental health in the workplace, rather than understanding and acknowledging the true value of employees and their personal wellbeing.

We will explore how providers can deliver tools to help people stay happy and healthy at work, by raising awareness around the connections between physical and mental health, while fostering safe, ethical and compassionate environments for individuals.

Devising genuine employee support strategies built on core human values such as empathy, understanding and openness is crucial to maintaining the wellbeing of staff, reducing absenteeism and improving productivity. Maintaining workplace wellbeing therefore needs to be at the heart of long-term benefits strategies, harnessed by stress relief through practices such as mindfulness, mental first aid training for line managers (and beyond) as well as positive psychological life coaching at work.

Good mental health is the future for our workforce, but getting it right – and with integrity – is crucial. And this conversation is an ongoing cultural one: not just a sticking plaster applied only at a time of need – or after it is too late.


Join us on Thursday 16 May to explore:

  •  Understanding the true value of employees by providing them with tools to keep them happy and healthy
  •  Making mental wellness as much of a priority as physical wellness within workplaces
  •  Devising genuine employee support strategies built on core human values such as empathy, understanding and openness
  •  Maintaining workplace wellbeing as a long-term strategy and not just a one-off tick box by exploring areas such as mental first aid, mindfulness and positive psychology at work

Please join us for our next webinar, at 11am on 16 May featuring:


Adam Saville

Editor, COVER

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Pam Whelan

Director Of Corporate, Simplyhealth

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Pam Whelan joined Denplan, part of the Simplyhealth Group, in 2000 as a corporate consultant having previously worked in the financial sector. Now Director of Corporate for Simplyhealth, Pam has driven innovation within the employee benefits sector, through market leading propositions that encourage a healthy workforce and a preventive approach to everyday healthcare. Pam's strengths lie in connecting her team with UK employers and intermediaries to deliver the best possible outcomes from their employee benefit schemes through positive relationships. Pam is an advocate of first rate communication and excellent customer service in the delivery of an employee benefits package. She continues to use market insight and trends to promote everyday health, to the benefit of the UK workforce.

Kim Horsfall

Punter Southall Health and Protection

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Matt Janes

Neuroscience, Functional Medicine & Mental Health Practitioner

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Matt is a neuroscience and mental health practitioner, with particular focus on stress, anxiety and depression. With extensive studies in Neuroscience, Psychology & Mental Health, Functional Medicine and Heart Rate Variability, his area of speciality is the autonomic nervous system and its relationship with mental illness. In 2018, Matt published Thrive, an online course which teaches the science of stress, anxiety and depression, plus practices of how to achieve and retain mental fitness by regulating the autonomic nervous system. As well as helping individuals to achieve mental health, Matt teaches leaders and organisations how to achieve their potential through optimising their mental health and company culture. He is currently writing his memoir, ‘Saving Dad’. www.mattjanes.com

Nicola Jagielski

Associate Director, Clinical Services, Health Assured

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Nicola Jagielski, Associate Director of Clinical Services, has been working at Health Assured for 5 years and is responsible for the management and governance of our operational service delivery. Nicola has been a Counsellor for 6 years and has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and is a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) member and her Bsc in Psychology and Business provides her with a balance of clinical expertise and strategic knowledge. As Associate Director of Clinical Services, she is responsible for an operational management team and our service delivery team of counsellors, advisors and case management, providing high level clinical support and consultative guidance as required.